• Bothwell & Royal Int.

    Est. 2016

About Us

Founded in 2016 and based in Sandton, Johannesburg, we are a collective of Tech and Design professionals that are dedicated to pushing boundaries and making our equipment more accessible to the people who really need it. Our team focuses mainly on Remotely Piloted Aerial systems (RPASs) for the Agricultural, Security and Search & Rescue markets.

We are committed to bettering the lives of our clients through our physical products range, Software application as well as our custom made systems. Our products are made to order so that they meet the requirements of our clients because to us you are not simply a customer; instead you become a new member in our team.

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  • Services

    BRI's Team is skilled in Design, RnD, Software architecture and Manufacturing. Majority of our work is completed in house because if you want something done right then you need to do it yourself.

    Custom manufacturing

    Alongside our established product range our design team is always prepared and willing to work on custom robotic systems.


    UAVs need to be serviced to remain in perfect working order, our maintenance team prides itself in quick turnaround times so your system can get back to work as soon as possible.


    Our team builds all of our products so you won’t have to wait long for your product to be repaired in the case it is damaged.

    Custom software

    Finding the right software for your needs is not always a simple task and can be rather costly. We build custom software so that you always have what you need when you need it.

    Custom aerial systems

    Whether it is helicopters, multi-rotors or fixed wing we will build a vehicle that perfectly fits your needs.

    Custom systems

    We build camera systems and senor arrays to meet our clients requirements.

  • Flagship Range

    Our flagship range does not represent our full range, for more information on what we can do for you please feel free to contact us.

    Product Overview

    Our UAVs are designed to complete a number of roles.

    Crop Analysis UAV

    Crop health analysis (various crops)

    Quickly identifying stressed crops

    Creating variable prescription maps

    Zeus Surveillance UAV

    Responding to emergency situations

    Patrolling areas night/day

    Border patrol

    Maritime search and rescue operations

    Mountain search and rescue operations

    Aerial Broadcating UAV

    Seed areas that have been affected by fire

    Seeding larger areas quickly

    Lower running costs than other forms of aerial broadcasting


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    General Contact


    Sales Manager

    Robert MacMurray

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